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Two Crows Tool Tip: Trello

The Harvard Gazette recently published an article showing yet another connection between humans and crows - we both use tools to help us solve problems and we both gain great satisfaction from doing so. While Two Crows' problems are not generally nut, bug or berry related, we do rely on certain tools to help us create the marketing materials we use daily. The Gazette's article sparked something within our team and we thought, why not share the tools that help us in our daily work and personal lives? It may just be the problem-solving thing that you need.

What is Trello?

Before explaining what Trello is, how about a breakdown of the name? Trust me. It really helps. When naming a brand, a business, or even your own child – there is a lot of thought and time put into it. Even Tracy spent some time investigating all kinds of birds before coming up with Two Crows. The same goes for the creators of Trello. It all started with a trellis.

A trellis is typically used to support the growth of trees or plants. And in the non-literal fashion here, your IDEAS are the trees and plants that need support to grow and flourish. Simply put, it's an organization tool – "a list of lists" – that allows users to keep track of many aspects of multiple projects at once. The great thing about it is that you can customize it to your fit your needs. There is no standard, and since everyone is different, everyone will find their own way to maximize all the tools offered by Trello.

Trello organizes your projects visually and efficiently.

What has Trello done for you lately?

Well, nothing...yet. BUT:

  • The Trello "lists of lists" can include all sorts of helpful things like attachments, comments, color-coded labels, checklists, and due dates.

  • Trello is user-friendly and very easy to edit. Items can be moved from card to card as projects change - because they always do.

  • For the micro-managing individual (no judgement here!), checklists and due dates are perfect for keeping track of progress and ensuring deadlines are met.

  • Trello is updated in real time. Each board can be shared with multiple team members to ensure that the correct people receive the correct information as quickly and easily as possible. Communication is key, right folks?

  • Trello lives in the cloud, so you can access your boards (again, in real time) anywhere you have an internet connection.

  • Trello is an easy to use tool that can be used as a planner to simplify everything from managing a small business to managing one’s daily life.

Completely baffled by this? Don't be scared - Let us help you make sense of it. Contact Two Crows. #twocrows #marketing #crowlife #twocrowtooltip #trello


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