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Grant writing

Support from individual donors and businesses isn't always enough. Most nonprofits seek additional sources of funding that will help them sustain their contributions to their community. A well-written grant proposal can rally these valuable resources.

Two Crows is excited to announce one of our newer offerings: grant writing. Our writers have a proven track record of funding, and we also have the advantage of knowing our clients – and being able to tell the story of how a grant award will result in better community outcomes.

  • Seek out grant opportunities that are a great fit for your organization

  • Write with research

  • Incorporate your organization’s unique strategies and values

  • Compile the application with an organized, collaborative process

  • Build your case for support through a narrative, storytelling progression

  • Communicate with funders and report back throughout the process


The top three challenges to grant seeking are 1) lack of time and/or staff, 2) competition and 3) difficulty finding grant opportunities.

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