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Two Crows Tool Tip: Hiring Someone to Manage Your Social Media

Social media is a necessary tool for success in modern business – you know it, we know it, the world knows it. But let’s face it – being a small business owner means engaging in a constant juggling act. Adding one more ball in the air (in this case, social media) can feel overwhelming. It's no wonder many business owners let that ball fall to the bottom of the to do list.

By now you know that #socialmedia is something you should be doing to grow your business and your brand. You also know that you can’t approach social media in a disorganized way, haphazardly or as an afterthought. Gone are the days when you could just tap the youngest member of your team on the shoulder and ask him/her to take care of it in their spare time. – from

Why are you better off hiring someone to manage your social media?

There are lots of reasons why outsourcing your social media makes sense. But here are the reasons we think are the most compelling.


One of the main responsibilities of a social media manager is to post consistently on each platform. Each piece of content will be tailored to and optimized for that channel, helping you build your social media following with timely and relevant information.


Social media isn't just for pushing messages out. It can also be an effective customer management tool, if you are able to respond and engage with your audience. Having a social media pro take care of this communication helps your current and potential customers have the best possible experience of your business.

This chart from Sprout Social illustrates how social media is the first place most people turn to for customer support.

Brand engagement Sure, promotions are worth posting. But the magic is when you can share your brand in a way that connects you to others. Sometimes it's hard to step out of the business owner box, but if you leave it to someone who understands social media AND the nuances of your particular business, you can hit a home run. We can help you reach these social goals, first defining a strategy and then executing it across all of your social media platforms. Give us a caw!


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