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Meet Silvi Johnson

Silvina (Silvi for short) Johnson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Orange County, CA – waaay before “The OC” was a thing =/. Marketing instinct aside, you have to love Silvi for her hobbies alone, which include traveling, eating and making ridiculously oversized costumes for her family for Halloween. Some of her all-time favorite costume creations include a cupcake, a robot and 2018’s latest addition: a tube sock!

Silvi has delved into a few different industries in her life so far, starting in restaurant management and the culinary arts (she is a cooking school grad!) in Southern California, before moving on to a thirteen-year career with Starbucks in the Bay area. Silvi became invested in the Cape community after moving here with her husband and son in 2013. Wanting to help make a positive change in her new community, she went back to school at Arizona State University to complete her degree in education with an emphasis in nonprofit work. Silvi joined the Cape and Islands United Way crew as their Administrative Coordinator in April of 2018, where she met me, and well, the rest as they say, is history. Here is how Silvi tells her story.

How did you get started in marketing?

I am a relative newcomer to marketing, but when working together at the United Way, Tracy began training me and trusting me to handle more of the digital marketing aspects of our work – all to help build my resume. I feel like my connection with Tracy was something very natural and organic, and since I only worked part-time for the United Way she hired me to help reinforce the already strong foundation of Two Crows. I think everyone should know that I am only involved in a small percent of the work that it takes to run Two Crows, but I love my role of being able to support our small team.

What is one of your strongest skills?

I would say that I have a high level of emotional intelligence. Meaning, I can read people well, I am highly empathetic, intrinsically motivated to learn, adaptable to most situations and I can be trusted. I mean, I didn’t get citizen of the year in 3rd and 6th grade for nothing.

Hell, yes. This is what immediately attracted me to Silvi. Emotional intelligence can't be taught, so when you've got it, you have a distinct advantage in business and in life!

How does this make you better at what you do?

Tracy and I both have an advantage in the way we are able to communicate with each other effectively – and understand our clients’ needs. We’re not mind-readers or magicians, just really in tune with human beings (and robots).

How does your involvement in other local organizations help you to better serve Two Crows’ clients?

Having been an avid volunteer and working in the service industry for over twenty years, I understand what it takes to help people. You must be willing to actively listen to others. Since I am still relatively new to the marketing industry, being involved with a few local organizations helps me connect the dots of the biggest needs on Cape – and ultimately gives me the opportunity to share that knowledge with others. Do I have all the answers? No. Am I willing to search for an answer? Absolutely! Do you believe in life after love? Cher. For my clients who know Silvi - you know she is smart, kind, and funny. For those who don't yet, I look forward to introducing her and her many talents. #twocrows #marketing #capecod


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