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It's better than a piece of shiny trash...

If you have any experience with crows, you know just how friendly and giving they can be. Ok, maybe not so much...but, really! In this article by The Dodo, one woman shares her experience befriending these winged and often misunderstood sweeties. It's a fact - crows leave little gifts for people who have done them right. So we want to offer you something that could potentially help your business.

Now, we're not planning to bring you discarded pieces of foil or broken bits of machinery (unless you would prefer that). Rather, we are offering you complementary reviews of your website. If you think your website might need some love, this just may be the right time to take us up on it. Two Crows will offer you some basic tips: best practices, suggestions for making your website more user friendly, and inspiration for ways you can make it pop. With our professional eyeballs, we will, of course, offer you constructive criticism - but we're educators, not jerks. We like to see other business websites looking fresh and making good things happen! So, if you haven't updated since 1994 ... we should chat. Think about it this way - when you need to have your teeth cleaned you go to the dentist. When you need to have your car inspected you go to the mechanic. Websites are our wheelhouse, and yours is a mouth full of teeth or a vehicle that we know how to take care of, make run smoother, faster, and cleaner. Did that metaphor stick? Hit us up if you need some love and support. We've got your back. And happy to take you under our wing (sorry, couldn't help it). - Tracy & Silvi


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